Which Bible version do you use?
 I (Shane) use a combination of Bible translations, primarily the ESV, KJV/NKJV, NIV, and NASB, to put the lyrics together. I also study the Psalms extensively with commentaries from Boice, Goldingay, Spurgeon, Calvin, and others to make sure we are capturing “the essential meaning of every verse.” I do not follow any specific translation word for word, though some songs may come somewhat close. I try to balance faithfulness to the literal text with the aesthetic quality of the song. 
Are you really planning to put all 150 Psalms to music?
That is the current plan, God willing. This is a mission God has laid upon our hearts, and we will pursue it until it is clear that He does not want us to continue. At the current pace, which could speed up or slow down over the years, the project will be complete in about 20-25 years. 
How are you going to set Psalm 119 to music?
t’s going to be a rap song.
Can our organization hire you for events?
Yes. Just email me at shane@thepsalmsproject.com 
When will the next album be out?
God willing, Volume 5 will be released by the end of 2021. 

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Psalm 39 Release Date Set!

Psalm 39 Release Date Set!

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