Setting all 150 Psalms to music, including the essential meaning of every verse

Psalm 39

(Show Me My Life’s End)

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Psalm 42 (Hope in God)

[Radio Remix]

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The Psalms to music

The Psalms Project is a band setting all 150 Psalms to music in their entirety, including the essential meaning of every verse, a marriage of King David’s vision with modern worship music.

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The Psalms Project is led by singer/songwriter/producer Shane Heilman, who has collaborated with over 70 musicians thus far, including Grammy nominees Phil Keaggy and Jeff Deyo and Dove Award nominee Jaye Thomas, to produce The Psalms Project’s first four albums.

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Anchored in Christ Blog Review

Anchored in Christ Blog Review

Kevin Halloran, who writes the blog Anchored in Christ, recently published a solid review of Volume 4: Psalms 31-38. We are humbled and blessed by Kevin’s words and how the music has blessed Him. You can find the review here. To God be the glory!

Song for Psalm 41 Is Finished!

Song for Psalm 41 Is Finished!

Hey everyone, I’m very excited to report that writing for Psalm 41 has wrapped up! It’s a bit of a milestone, I guess - did you know that Psalm 41 marks the end of “Book 1” in the book of Psalms? Psalm 41 concludes with a refrain of praise that serves as an “ending”...

Song for Psalm 40 Is Finished!

Song for Psalm 40 Is Finished!

Writing for Volume 5 is continuing to go smoothly, as writing has wrapped up (for now) on Psalm 40, one of my all-time favorite Psalms, particularly because the first three verses are my testimony: “I waited patiently for the LORD; He inclined to me and heard my cry....

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Setting all 150 Psalms to music, including the essential meaning of every verse

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