In God I have placed my trust
So why do you say to me,
“Run, run, run for your life
For the wicked have prepped for war,
Loaded up their weapons, and taken aim”?

They’ll fire away from the cover of night
At those who love God and His ways
And if the foundations are gone
If the walls of truth come tumbling down
What can the righteous do?

This will be my response
To your reports of doom and gloom:
The LORD rules over all the earth
Where He sits on His heavenly throne
And His eyes judge the sons of men

He tries the evil and the good
And the one who loves violence, He hates
And upon them He’ll rain coals of fire
And a scorching wind will be their reward
For Yahweh is righteous
Yahweh loves justice
And the pure in heart shall behold His face